Sturgeon Fishing Oregon

Sturgeon Fishing

It doesn’t matter if you’re embarking on your first sturgeon fishing trip or your hundredth, Oregon has some of the most exciting year round sturgeon fishing in the country. There’s just one hitch. The best sturgeon fishing techniques won’t reel in a single fish if they aren’t around to bite, and a river brimming with sturgeon won’t notice your lure without training in the proper techniques.

So where can you find the best Oregon sturgeon fishing and experienced sturgeon fishing guides in order to make your trip a success? Just ask the locals.

Your Oregon Sturgeon Fishing Charter Service

Lewis and Clark Guide Service is Oregon’s leading locally guided and owned sturgeon fishing service. We have two boats equipped and ready to tackle the Columbia and her many tributaries. Our guided sturgeon fishing trips operate year round for catch and release while oversize sturgeon fishing charters run between May and July. No matter when you fish for sturgeon, it all starts with our masterful guide.

As your local Oregon sturgeon guide, Jason Lewis began fishing as soon as he could support a pole. An outdoor sports enthusiast from an early age, Jason’s devotion to the art of fishing has only increased with his skills. He’s fished for sturgeon in and around the Columbia for decades. Favored spots include the:

Fish Oregon Rivers

  • Columbia River
  • Willamette River
  • Wilson River
  • Trask River

  • Nestucca River
  • Sandy River
  • Tillamook Bay
  • Buoy 10 Fishery

Analyzing fish runs, tracking the tides and currents, and putting his knowledge to use over a fishing career that spans decades has made him one of Oregon’s most accomplished sturgeon fishing guides. Jason now captains one of of the best sturgeon fishing charter services in Oregon, taking clients to the same places he used to frequent with his grandfather.

Sturgeon Fishing Season

Sturgeon fishing in Oregon can be performed year round, but oversized Sturgeon fishing only occurs in the summer months. Oregon is known to have some of the best sturgeon fishing in the world. With a brief window for oversize sturgeon, having Jason Lewis as your sturgeon fishing guide is more than just a great time, its your key to an incredible catch.

Catch and Release Sturgeon Fishing January – December
Oversize Sturgeon Fishing May – July


With full day and half day sturgeon fishing trips available, you get sturgeon fishing your way. We provide the heavy duty tackle, reels, and rods from Shortbus Flashers, Shimano, and G. Loomis required to bring in the largest sturgeon in the Columbia. Just don’t forget a few important items to bring on your sturgeon fishing trip.

Sturgeon Fishing Techniques

Learn the best sturgeon fishing techniques

One of the most important lessons Jason’s grandfather ever passed on to him was the joy of shared knowledge. Sturgeon fishing in Oregon isn’t as fun without friends, and we’ll teach you all the skills necessary to reel in a prize fish. As your Oregon sturgeon fishing guide, Jason will show you how to catch sturgeon like a professional.

Catch the biggest Oregon Sturgeons

Sturgeons are finicky fish. Depending on the water temperature, time of day, and area they may only be interested in a particular type of food. Jason knows these fish better than anyone. That’s why our sturgeon fishing charters frequently catch some of the largest sturgeon on the river.

With sturgeon’s frequently growing from 4 to 6 feet and weighing an average of 40 to 100 lbs when fully matured, they put up quite the fight. Older sturgeon can weight in excess of 400 lbs and grow to more than 9 feet. We’ll take you to the best local sturgeon fishing spots, so when you want to embrace all that Oregon sturgeon fishing has to offer, gaining skills, friends, stories, and some amazing catches call (503) 858-2699 or Contact Us today.

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